Missing Classmates

We would welcome any information you may have regarding the following classmates.  

Some may have chosen not to be contacted, some may have passed away and we don't know about it.  

Anything you can offer to shrink the Missing classmates list is greatly appreciated.

As of: July 5, 2022

Recently FOUND:

                      Walt "Buck" Jones


Location Unknown:


Larry Ballard 

Doug Bell

Diana Brigham

Don Byers

Pete Camp

Margit Carlsson (Sweden)

Barb Bennett Carruth

Margaret Stafford Clark

Ginny Coates

Barbara Davis

Dale Doten

Kathleen Jonston Egan

Nancy Fiske

John Fogarasi

Lynn Frakes Fulk

Zane Hollingsworth

Luba Levisky (Brazil)

Marcia Knapp

Judy Kuhtic

Dave Long

Judy Marsh

Diane Marsh Myers

Susan Pauline

Francisco Pinto (Peru)

John Pruitt

Linda Rail

Sandra Redden

Norman Reuss

Shirley Siewertsen

Mike Silagi (Germany)

Steve Smith

Linda VanDussen Stafford

Donald Thomas

Steve Weiss

Sally Turner White

Pat Wisner Yester








If you would attend a 60th reunion in 2025, please let us know.  Thanks



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